Aberdeen Multicultural Centre (AMC) is a user led charity, listening to the views of volunteers, partners & public members. AMC is outcome driven & committed to making a positive impact on lives of the diverse communities in Aberdeen. AMC encourages co-operation & integration amongst diverse community groups and building harmony and exchanging cultural & language diversity within the communities. One of the main aim of AMC is to promote social & cultural harmony amongst diverse ethnic minorities & local communities in Aberdeen through organising multicultural programmes in varied languages including native language of Scottish people such as Gaelic & Doric. The organisation’s vibrant aims are to support communities and the society from social, economic, welfare & environmental perspectives.

AMC has become cultural hub of diverse communities in Aberdeen. Since it’s establishment AMC has been organising different cultural events such as International Mother Language Day, Aberdeen Mela –One World Day, Asian Autumn Festival, Multicultural Football Tournament, Bicycle Awareness Workshop & Multicultural Bicycle Rally, Eid Reunion Party for Muslim community, Durga Puja for Hindu Community and also AMC run Climate Challenge Project to reduce carbon footprint through raising awareness and changing behaviours to the diverse communities in Aberdeen.

AMC is also encouraging community engagement on a regular basis in each month where advice and information are being delivered to the ethnic minority communities on a one-to- one basis on their varied issues.


Objective 1- To promote knowledge and mutual understanding between different racial, faith and cultural groups through organising and promoting cultural activities, events, workshops and festivals in Aberdeen.

Objective 2- To provide consultancy and advisory to the public, statutory bodies and other organisations of the needs and priorities of minority ethnic communities that includes poverty and social exclusion.

Objective 3- To encourage active community involvement amongst ethnic people

and businesses this will contribute to local objectives on social inclusion, environmental improvement, sustainability and cultural and economic development

Objective 4- To enhance engagement with culturally diverse and hard to reach groups to tackle social exclusion.

Objective 5- To provide education and development sessions

Objective 6- To actively develop and promote volunteering opportunities for minority ethnic beneficiaries

Objective 7- Promoting equalities in culture & language practices within diverse communities in Aberdeen.

Objective 8- Advancing education and raising awareness about different racial, faith and cultural groups;

Objective 9- Working towards the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of race, faith and culture.

Objective 10- To establish links with the rest of voluntary sector alliances, health and social care networks